EA Degree 11/30

We will hold a called communication on Friday, November 30th for the purpose of confurring the Entered Apprentice Degree on 3 candidates.  Dinner at 6:30, Degree at 7:30.



Also, Orange Lodge 36 in Apopka will be confurring a Master Mason Degree the day before, Thursday, November 29th, and Mokanna will be having one Brother go through the degree as a courtesy candidate. Starts at 6pm, dinner at 7pm, 2nd section at 8pm.

Please try to come to these events and support our new Masons!

11/7 Master Mason Degree

Congrats to Brothers Stephen Thomas and Brandon "Big Red" Yates who were raised to Master Masons last night! These Brothers have been working hard since they became EAs, both working on proficiencies and helping out the lodge with various functions. Mokanna is proud and excited to have them as members of our Lodge and look forward to seeing them at our meetings and events!